Thursday, September 12, 2013

Next Time We Move...

So as always life has been busy with well life happenings - moving, sick wife, sick husband, sick baby, asthmatic baby, working full-time throughout a move and renting our current short a very curvy roller coaster ride.  Who ever thought landlord would be on this girl's plate?!?  NOT me :)

I'd love to sit here and tell you we did it all perfectly, smooth sailing, nothing broke, and we can't wait to do it again, well that would be lie.  We learned a TON about moving this trip and here are some of the must haves or to dos next time around:

  • Every single tiny item in our home will be packed BEFORE we move anything.
  • Tupperware bins are officially a new favorite.  I'm sure Craigslist will come to the rescue when we move again.  Pretty is not at all important (just clean), but putting items in a bin and sleeping a piece of tape on it saying which room it goes in will happen before we leave this home.
  • Packing a bag for yourself and kiddos...a MUST.  It took us at least 2 days to find out toothbrushes (hanging my head in shame while I admit this).
  • Having everything prepped before your friends and family come bail you out  sacrifice their bodies and valuable time help!  Remove the clothing from the furniture and tape up the drawers so they won't move.
  • Have a case of cold water in the fridge at both the new and old house as well as a trash bag to collect the bottles.
  • If you have kiddos, try to setup a long weekend with grandparents.  Moving with a little one is harder than I ever realized.  If we had a few days (and done everything else listed above), I'm sure we would have made much more progress on this house than we have to date!
All of that being said, we are so incredibly blessed to be here and we plan on enjoying every single moment :)  Our newest favorite activity, family walks after work and in the morning on the weekends!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New House, New Design, New Schedule

It truly is amazing just how much a move can disrupt your life.  My husband and I moved three weeks ago into this beauty:

We love how much space there is and I could go crazy decorating and buying things, BUT I did commit to be uber budget conscious.  This is not a permanent residence, so we are not doing any sort of structural changes, alterations to flooring, etc.  My goal is to come up with a plan that allows us to get organized, use whatever items we already have (adjust if needed) and still make this house a home.

As if moving wasn't a big enough upheaval, we decided to add in work changes (I am officially a part-time employee) and a contract change for hubby.  This means, no more daycare.  Instead Lo gets to spend some quality time with her Abu (they adore each other, see...)!

Come and enjoy the journey with us!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kristen's Master Bedroom Design

Kristen is an amazing mom to two sweet little boys, and is pumped to create a sanctuary for her and her husband to enjoy on their own.  Since her hubby is a soldier, it is very important to focus on versatile pieces that will move well and fit into any space while sticking to a fairly neutral color palette.  Here is the current state of her room.

Tomorrow you can see the board for this master with some furniture, color ideas, and DIY projects!

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Jewels of the Home

Have you ever seen great decor in a person's house?  It's staged and looks phenomenal, but there is just something keeping it from perfection?  If that is the case, just check out the lighting.  That is something we didn't even think about in our current home.

We quickly replaced all light fixtures to get rid of the hideous brass, but the replacements were shall we say, lacking character.  They are affectionately referred to as nipple lights in our family.  Needless to say, a lot is left to be desired.

Poking through blogs has inspired me to find great deals on light fixtures that don't have a "fresh out of the box" look.  Here are some of my favorites that I've found online:

West Elm...again :)

Young House Love for the WIN!

We went to Not Your Average Joe's and saw these beauties (very similar to the West Elm find above).  They add a fantastic punch to the industrial feel of the restaurant - very easily added to a home.
Another must check out website is

They have unique, non-traditional lighting.

Enjoy the jewelry shopping!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Dashing Dining Space

My sister-in-law is revamping her eating area next to her kitchen.  They picked out a gorgeous table from Pier1.  She knew she wanted wicker or white chairs to put at the head of the table, but it wasn't complete. So I took the ideas and ran with it.  With most of the shopping done at Ballard Design, it seemed to come together very well and quickly!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Facebook Bound

Still working on ramping up our advertising, so check us out on Facebook and "Like" our page.  With technology every changing, it makes it a wonderful challenge to try and keep up with everything :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Bejeweled Office

To finish of Stephanie's office, I added some succulence and a few blue and green accents.  Hopefully, this makes the space a little more cheery!

Purchase List:
1. Curtains always dress up a window.  These really add texture without competing with the fern green walls.
2. Bed Bath and Beyond is always my go to for curtain rods.  We actually have these hanging on every single window and our home.  They are so simple and just really allow the curtain to be the show piece.
3. I found these great chairs to sit in the corner - we all need to be able to put our feet up and rest for a moment during the work day.  The dark espresso leather really provides a masculine touch to the room and continues to add a neutral base.
4. To add a punch and break up the harshness of the leather, this side table is a crisp white accent.  Anything that you put on the table will definitely stand out and afford you a space to put something colorful on it.
5. In order to hold your tchotchkes, these shadow boxes are a great option
6. The wonderful filing cabinet that you have in your garage would be added storage.  I suggest you repaint it following the tutorial.  A bright white would tie into the other furniture or even a light brown, but having it match your current desk would be ideal.
7. Ikea to the rescue again!  Here is a beautiful chair to add to your desk area.  It is a wonderful contrast
8. While poking through Stephanie's Pinterest boards, I found this color pallette that she fell in love.  It should serve as great inspiration for any future pieces that may be purchased.
9. Being a bit romantic, I thought it would be nice to add the option of softer lighting here, here and here.  It just calms down the space on a stressful day.
10. Greenery!  We all need fresh air and what better way to add that than a houseplant of some sort.  Adding it to a clean container like pictured above, allows you to show even more color and texture.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Stephanie's Home Office

Stephanie has a home office that she spends quite a bit of time in, so it is time to make it suit her needs!  Her requests were a sitting area, desk space, and to convert her closet into her Mary Kay space.  Well this is what I came up with:

Now on to the furniture and design!  While her style board needs some jewels and accent pieces, I have the base of it worked out.  Thank you Olioboard for coming to the rescue!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

10 Clients...What?!?

In an effort to continue to spread our wings and spread the news of our new business, I posted on Facebook and offered free design consultations for the first 10 people.  Now tell me how amazing people less than 24 hours we were FULL!  Y'all are amazing.

We have two offices, an entire home, two masters, a living room, and the list continues!  Check back over the coming weeks to see what the before looks like and the proposed after.